Spesialtilpassede løsninger til ditt RAS anlegg

Vi håndterer alle prosjektfaser, og spesialiserer oss på bygge og levere løsninger for alle vekstfaser

Innovative RAS-løsninger

North AquaCulture offers comprehensive consulting and support services to clients and investors engaged in new or ongoing land-based aquaculture projects. We proudly serve as a client representative throughout the lifecycle of each project.We specialize in the design, prefabrication, installation, and biological maintenance of your facility.

Our team provide guidance during all project phases, from concept and design to installation and commissioning. Our site management services which include pipe installation and assembly of mechanical equipment, are executed by some of the industry’s most experienced installation teams. We also provide prefabrication and delivery of custom-made products for various systems. Our products are tailored to meet performance requirements and customer needs.

Our projects consist
of the following phases

We customize our solutions to meet the unique needs of different fish species, with an emphasis on creating a healthy ecosystem for your fish and optimizing system functionality to reduce building footprint. Our design team is specialized in water treatment, tank hydraulics and energy-efficient methods to regulate water temperature. By partnering with a diverse group of subcontractors, we are able to offer the latest and most innovative technologies to our clients.

A dedicated team with expertise in sustainable land-based Aquaculture

Vårt team består av 40 ansatte med bred kompetanse innen RAS-teknologi og flere års erfaring i sine respektive fagfelt. Vi motiveres av å levere pålitelige og bærekraftige landbaserte akvakulturanlegg, med fokus på miljøvennlig produksjon og økt fiskevelferd.